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Know Causes Of Obesity and How to Control It

I don’t think there would be a solitary individual on this planet who might favor a swelling tummy. Yet at the same time it’s something difficult to forestall particularly in mid thirties; before you understand what’s going on, you get yourself saddled with an extending waist with different tires around you.

As indicated by the Journal of the American Medical Association, more than 33% of American grown-ups are corpulent while the heftiness figures for youth stand at 17% of the aggregate populace.

Heftiness is not limited to grown-ups alone. In the United States, the rate of corpulent children matured 6-11 years has expanded from 7% in 1980 to around 18% in 2012 while the heftiness details for the age bunch 12-19 years have achieved 21% from 5%.

Obesity can never be healthy. There is a need to understand its harmful effects and ways to control it.

# Obesity, A dangerous disorder

Obesity is a medical condition resulting from the accumulation of excess body fat which is a potential cause of many different problems especially heart diseases and others including osteoarthritis, cancer and type 2 diabetes. Obesity is mainly caused due to over consumption of food energy, sedentary lifestyle and and lack of physical activity. However, you can also partly blame genes and heredity in some cases.

# Obesity and Heart

Obesity or overweight causes a rise in cholesterol which has adverse effects on heart health.

– Coronary Heart Disease (CHD)
The risk of coronary heart or CHD rises with an increase in body mass index. In CHD, a wax-like substance, called plaque, accumulates inside the coronary arteries that supply oxygen-rich blood to heart muscles. It’s a long process and usually takes years. The accumulation of plaque reduces or blocks the supply of oxygen-rich blood to the heart muscle and results in angina (chest pain or discomfort) or heart attack. Heart attack is a fatal condition caused when supply of oxygen-rich blood to the heart muscle is completely cut off.

– Hypertension or High Blood Pressure
Hypertension or high blood pressure is the condition when normal blood pressure rises and stays higher for a longer period. Hypertension is a serious problem which can cause coronary heart disease, heart attack, stroke and kidney failure along with other fatal disorders.
People who are obese or overweight are more prone to high blood pressure.

# How to Control Obesity?

Eat low cholesterol food – Obese people should eat low cholesterol food and limit the intake of processed foods, soft drinks, fast foods, saturated and trans fat, red meat and dairy products. Instead you should include in your diet beans, legumes, fish and plenty of fruit and vegetables. The consumption of heart healthy foods will not only control obesity, it will also help in preventing heart disease. Health care professionals also advice lowering sugar intake since sugar also contributes to obesity.

Change in lifestyle – Bring healthy changes in your lifestyle. Take a break from your sedentary lifestyle and become more active. Go for a morning walk. Avoid working late night and have proper sleep. Reduce stress by spending time with your family. Tone your muscles with regular exercising. Physical inactivity is the major cause of obesity.

Obesity is a common problem which causes several dangerous disorders. The best way to deal with obesity is to control it at a very early stage. And fortunately you don’t need some unpronounceable test to diagnose it. Your belly and arms and hips will keep you informed about whether you are accumulating fat. Control obesity and stay healthy.